What is a Labyrinth?

Life is a journey and a process. Cultures throughout history have recognized the sacredness of the life journey. Yet how do we physically represent this journey? One tool that has been developed in many forms across both time and cultures is the labyrinth. Labyrinths are based on the circle and spiral patterns found in nature. The earliest representations discovered so far are over 5000 years old.

What is common in all labyrinths is a circuitous path that leads to the center with the same path being followed back out. It is not a maze. There are no dead ends, no right or wrong turns or choices to be made except the initial choice to take the first step onto the path.

What are the Uses of Labyrinths?

The labyrinth can be used as a walking or finger meditation, a path of prayer, a way to quiet the mind, to process an issue in life, to reflect on a milestone, to reduce stress, for celebrations and honor sacred events (such as weddings, Holy days.) The uses of the labyrinth continues to unfold as awareness grows and creative minds gather and generate new ideas.

Labyrinths used in community can aid in healing, embrace celebrations, mark milestone events and many other purposes. It can be also a rich resource for healing ceremonies, group discernment and team building.

Anne’s Qualifications as a
Labyrinth Facilitator


Anne is a Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator. She was first introduced to the labyrinth in the early 2000’s and found the rhythm and insight while walking helpful in processing her life journey. She pursued training through Veriditas and was fortunate to be in a workshop facilitated by Lauren Artress, one of the founders of the modern labyrinth movement. Her chaplain training delayed her certification process, but in 2015 she received her facilitator certification and is pleased to offer the labyrinth to help others on their journey.

Contacting Anne to Facilitate an Event

Anne is available to help you design and facilitate a special ceremony or community event using either her canvas labyrinth or another labyrinth you may have on site. Suggested events include seasonal celebrations and traditions, milestones such as menarche or menopause, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, healing ceremonies, group discernment and team building.

Anne’s labyrinth is also available to rent. Note Anne is required to be present on site. You can use her training to facilitate your walk or facilitate your own walk. Fees to be determined depending on use and time required. Contact Anne for inquires.


About Anne’s Labyrinth

Anne's labyrinth set up for a workshop.

Anne has a 22’ modified canvas Chartres labyrinth. When she has workshop space available to lay out the labyrinth, participants are invited to walk as part of their workshop experience. She also has small finger labyrinths for use during workshops or during spiritual direction/companionship sessions.

Quotes from walkers:

“Reminded me of all the twists and turns in life, then you finally get to where your meant to be.” “Very relaxing.”

“A very significant journey of rest and renewal. Thank you for the beauty of flowers, color, and light.”

“Thank you for the reminder that the only way through is the way-follow your guide-take the next step. There are no shortcuts.”

“Although exactly the same journey out, did not seem so and was not the same as the journey in. Ever changing, much as life. There was no fear in being alone with myself.”

“The labyrinth has been a gift on my own life journey. I have literally “walked” the labyrinth 100’s of times (including using finger labyrinths) since my introduction over a decade ago. No two experiences have been the same. I have danced, wept, laughed, trudged, gotten turned around and not reached the center, become frustrated with others on the path and with myself, been in deep meditation, felt the presence of the Holy, felt alone. I’ve come off feeling renewed, settled, aware. Or sometimes, not much has changed, except that I set time aside for myself. I always knew I would return.

For me, there is something about being held within the circle that feels safe. Knowing there is no “right or wrong way” is reassuring. The only judgment when I am on the labyrinth is from the inner critic within and as I walk, the rhythm of my feet on the surface slowly calms her into silence.

For a decade now, my New Year’s Eve tradition is to walk a labyrinth. Walking in toward the center I release the old year, offering gratitude for what unfolded, both challenges and blessings. In the center I open my heart to receive what the next year will offer. And as I walk out, usually with a lighter step, I am returning with a curiosity about what will be.

For me, it is an honor to bring this ancient archetype of the life journey to others as they reflect on their lives or are just curious and want to explore how a labyrinth can be included in daily living or life milestones.”
— anne