Presentations and Public Speaking

Reading at  Grief Rites monthly readers series , August 2017.

Reading at Grief Rites monthly readers series, August 2017.

Anne has more than a decade of experience presenting her expertise in a variety of professional settings. These include conferences, chapter meetings, staff meetings and smaller, more intimate gatherings like retreats, memorial services, funerals and poetry readings. Anne creates presentations for both large and small groups on topics she is passionate about and in a way that engages her audience whether seated in rows, around tables or gathered in less formal ways. Anne comes prepared, yet is open to what may unfold in the moment with a particular group.

Recent presentations include:

  • Honoring & Befriending Grief as We Age to Retirement Connection, Senior Service Network-Clark County, Washington's monthly meeting, February 2018.

  • Poetry: A Common Language for Exploring Grief, at the Oregon Health Care Association Conference, September 2017.

  • Grief Rites, where she read poems and a personal reflection, August 2017.

  • Reconnecting with Joy and Beauty After Loss, the final event of Erin Leichty’s exhibition, “Re-Connection” at Waterstone Gallery, April 2017.

  • Sacred Medicine: Poetry as a Pathway to Deeper Healing at the All-State Palliative Care Conference, June 2016, and to the Association of Professional Chaplains, Oregon-North Chapter, March 2017.

  • Story Beat LIVE!, an event hosted by the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative, where one of her poems was selected, September 2016.

  • Walking the Labyrinth-A Path for Healing and Reflection to the Association of Professional Chaplains, Oregon-North Chapter, March 2013.

  • Caring for Wounded Souls at End of Life: Coming Alongside Those With PTSD and Moral Injury. Presented to Serenity Hospice staff.

  • “Stewardship of a Life: Is Saying ‘No’ Part of Stewardship?” Breakout session panel member at the Kaiser Permanente Northwest and the Center for Ethics in Health Care Conference, April 2012.