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Recognizing & Honoring Life Transitions

"Garden Transition." Private garden in SW Portland. Photo by anne richardson.

"Garden Transition." Private garden in SW Portland. Photo by anne richardson.

We transition from the wet womb to open air, sucking in first breath. Relationships form. Some endure. Some end. Our sense of home and belonging shifts. What gives life meaning—school, career, family, beauty, creativity, service—ebbs and flows as we age. Our lives are full of transitions. Some weave in and out of our world seamlessly, going unrecognized until years later. Others create a temporary loss of balance. Then there are the transitions that leave you feeling like the GPS of your life has gone haywire.

Taking time to recognize life transitions by naming them can offer relief, release, or an invitation to honor a part of your life journey that you may not have considered relevant.

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the archetype of the labyrinth as a tool to reflect on your life transitions in combination with written expression and other creative means. No writing experience is necessary to participate!  This workshop is in partnership with Portland Women Writers ( and is for women or those who identify female. Workshop is limited to 12 participants.


I stand before my reflection
looking in wonder
unfolding rose
each petal infused with
sweet aroma of discovery
opened by dewdrops of curiosity
— anne richardson
photo by anne richardson

photo by anne richardson

  • Workshop is four hours.

  • No writing experience necessary!

  • Maximum number of participants is twelve.

  • Workshops are set up to be a gentle, non-judgmental space for sharing, or not sharing, what you are writing, feeling, and experiencing. Guidelines are offered at the start of each workshop to create our sharing container.

  • There is a break and a light snack is provided. Self-care is always affirmed and taking time to move, breathe and stretch during workshops is encouraged.

  • Cost - $75.00