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Honoring Grief During the Holidays

Perky music bombards your ears starting in early November. The Hallmark Channel runs an endless loop of movies focused on holiday miracles and commercials show happy families breaking bread. Whether or not you honor or celebrate a traditional holiday as autumn ebbs toward winter, in the midst of grief, the intensity of the season can be overwhelming. Your grief may be newly minted. Or perhaps it resurfaces as nights lengthen, a reminder of who or what is missing. You wish for a quiet place to honor your loss, to grieve and just be. Or maybe you need time to reflect on other ways of being present with loss and explore new rituals and meaning.


In this workshop, participants will be offered time to honor their grief; reflect if traditional rituals are needing to be re-framed or discarded, and if so, what would be meaningful; and be given the simple gift of quiet in the midst of busyness. Using writing prompts, ritual, and walking a labyrinth, participants will be given opportunities to give voice to their grief. No writing experience is necessary to participate!

  • Workshop is four hours.
  • No writing experience necessary!
  • Maximum number of participants is twelve.
  • Workshop is open to ages 18 and up (not gender specific.)
  • Workshops are set up to be a gentle, non-judgmental space for sharing, or not sharing, what you are writing, feeling, and experiencing. Guidelines are offered at the start of each workshop to create our sharing container.
  • There is a break and a light snack is provided. Self-care is always affirmed and taking time to move, breathe and stretch during workshops is encouraged.
  • Cost -  $75.00