As a creative and seasoned professional,
Anne looks forward to connecting with you and your organization
to see how her services can meet your needs.


Labyrinth set up for in-service for Serenity Hospice.

Labyrinth set up for in-service for Serenity Hospice.

Anne has interacted in a wide range of health care environments, including hospitals, independent and assisted living communities, long-term care, memory care and skilled nursing care facilities, foster care homes, residential care settings, and outpatient clinics in her career as a chaplain. She has served a variety of populations including veterans, those on hospice, the elderly, women of all ages, people in crisis, the bereaved and those going through life transitions.

Her understanding of these settings and populations influence her ability to develop tailored in-services that meet the unique needs of your population, whether it be staff, families or residents, or to bring them all together.

Suggested in-services include:

  • Use of poetry as a common language to explore grief and loss.

  • Use of the labyrinth as a tool to process the life journey.

  • The art of compassionate communication and deep listening.

  • Respecting differing spiritual & religious views among residents and co-workers.

  • Discussion of veterans at end of life and helping those with moral injury and post-traumatic stress.

  • Developing rituals for honoring grief and transition in healthcare environments.

Presentations and Public Speaking

Reading at  Grief Rites monthly readers series , August 2017.

Reading at Grief Rites monthly readers series, August 2017.

Anne has more than a decade of experience presenting her expertise in a variety of professional settings. These include conferences, chapter meetings, staff meetings and smaller, more intimate gatherings like retreats, memorial services, funerals and poetry readings. Anne creates presentations for both large and small groups on topics she is passionate about and in a way that engages her audience whether seated in rows, around tables or gathered in less formal ways. Anne comes prepared, yet is open to what may unfold in the moment with a particular group.

Recent presentations include:

  • Honoring & Befriending Grief as We Age to Retirement Connection, Senior Service Network-Clark County, Washington's monthly meeting, February 2018.

  • Poetry: A Common Language for Exploring Grief, at the Oregon Health Care Association Conference, September 2017.

  • Grief Rites, where she read poems and a personal reflection, August 2017.

  • Reconnecting with Joy and Beauty After Loss, the final event of Erin Leichty’s exhibition, “Re-Connection” at Waterstone Gallery, April 2017.

  • Sacred Medicine: Poetry as a Pathway to Deeper Healing at the All-State Palliative Care Conference, June 2016, and to the Association of Professional Chaplains, Oregon-North Chapter, March 2017.

  • Story Beat LIVE!, an event hosted by the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative, where one of her poems was selected, September 2016.

  • Walking the Labyrinth-A Path for Healing and Reflection to the Association of Professional Chaplains, Oregon-North Chapter, March 2013.

  • Caring for Wounded Souls at End of Life: Coming Alongside Those With PTSD and Moral Injury. Presented to Serenity Hospice staff.

  • “Stewardship of a Life: Is Saying ‘No’ Part of Stewardship?” Breakout session panel member at the Kaiser Permanente Northwest and the Center for Ethics in Health Care Conference, April 2012.

Referrals and Collaboration

Anne values being part of the healthcare and greater community and weaving her experiences and skills with those of other care providers and healers. Understanding individuals have physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and other complex needs, she is aware of the scope of her training and also the gift she brings in coming alongside others in complementing their training and experience. Anne is respected by others in the community and collaborators include: Sunshine Daisy Retreat, Sauvie Women’s Community, Sharon Ann Rose, Anne Allanketner, LMFT and Erin Leichty, Erin Leichty Modern Art.

Anne collaborated with Sharon Ann Rose as a guest interviewee for her offering  River of Our Tears .

Anne collaborated with Sharon Ann Rose as a guest interviewee for her offering River of Our Tears.

Professional Workshops & Retreats

Retreat centers similar to  Hidden Lake Retreat Center , are optimal for gathering (unfortunately, Hidden Lake is not longer available.)

Retreat centers similar to Hidden Lake Retreat Center, are optimal for gathering (unfortunately, Hidden Lake is not longer available.)

Anne has offered workshops, retreats and classes in a variety of settings over the years. Her background in the health care field combined with her training in deep listening, group dynamics and holding sacred space offers an opportunity to create a unique experience for your team. Workshops can be in half-day, full-day or extended over several days depending on your needs. Anne understands that working with team members around tender subjects, such as grief and loss, conflict and sharing of personal feelings, can be risky. She emphasizes creating a space that is safe to share, or not share, and is free of judgment.

Anne’s workshops and retreats utilize creative ways to engage both as a group and with the inner self. Methods include the use of her 22’ modified Chartres Labyrinth (canvas), reflective writing, visual art or other reflective means. Workshops may be done in collaboration with other gifted facilitators if that meets your organization’s needs.

Her own curious heart and mind keep her engaged in the fields of end-of-life care, palliative medicine, grief and loss, aging in general, veterans’ health, caregiver concerns, Narrative Medicine and life transitions. She looks forward to working with you.

“My philosophy in any group setting is to provide a space for participants to hear their own voice, freedom to share (or not share) their discoveries, and the gift of time to reflect on their journey. The works of Parker Palmer, Marshall Rosenberg, Rachel Naomi Remen, and John Fox are just four influences on why I value the need to create safe, sacred space in group settings. I believe we have much to offer each other when we listen intentionally and gently.
— anne